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Water treatment specialists who manage the entire water cycle.

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PROXA’s range of services cover the entire water cycle from consulting and design, research and development, engineering and construction, and plant modernisation to operational management, maintenance, repairs, after-market service, chemicals, consumables and spares. Our solutions are optimal, reliable and efficiently implemented, while our in-house expertise, extensive research and access to leading global technologies enable us to deliver objective solutions tailored to address our client’s unique set of needs.


PROXA inherited a problematic circuit and through a combination of technical know-how and professionalism, have turned the operation around and delivered! I look forward to continuing this relationship and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending PROXA for future work.

PROXA has added value to our operations as the quality of the water has returned to the required specification to enable effective operations of our facility.

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AFRICATel: +27 11 656 3321
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