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PROXA saves steelmaker $1 million by improving plant operations and efficiency in integrated total water management solution.

Proxa's integrated total water management solution at steelmaker


The global steelmaker required an experienced water treatment specialist to provide an integrated total service management solution consisting of technical support, chemical dosing, and operations of 8 plants across the 1700 hectare site footprint. At handover, emphasis was placed on efficient and reliable operations, given how critical water treatment plants are to the tonnage of steel produced. A thorough knowledge of steelmaking, the associated chemistry, and a wide range of technologies was required. Technologies include dissolved air flotation, biological processes, softening, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, evaporation, crystallisation, cooling towers, media filtration, oil removal, scale removal, cyclone separation, clarification, resin softening, ion exchange and filter presses.


PROXA’s technical team, consisting of various disciplines, initially completed an on-site plant audit to assess plant performance and equipment conditions. Based on these findings, PROXA deployed another team to the site to provide 24/7 operations and technical support. Additional support was provided by the PROXA Technical Centre.


PROXA focused on continuously improving the operations to ensure that the client benefitted from more reliable and sustainable operations and reduced lifecycle cost. By introducing global benchmarking and latest technology, PROXA ensured that the client had access to latest technology development for optimal plant performance. This optimised plant performance has resulted in savings to the client of more than $1 million, reduced freshwater intake by 20% and a 300% reduction in the frequency of demin train regeneration. Furthermore, risk of corrosion on the plants has been largely mitigated through innovative process improvements and focus on plant maintenance. PROXA is responsible for ensuring that all water produced by the plant is within finely constrained parameters and that effluent from the plants is minimised. PROXA, with its operational focus on safety, has an excellent track record of 3960 days LTI-free.


  • Main water treatment plant (16.8 MLD)
  • Mills water treatment plant
  • Bloomcaster water treatment plant
  • Basic oxygen furnace water treatment plant
  • Demin plant (2.4 MLD)
  • Biological plant (9.6 MLD)
  • Reverse Osmosis plant (9.6 MLD)
  • Works effluent plant and pump stations
  • Evaporator crystalliser plant (1.7MLD)
  • Coke ovens cooling system
  • Alternator cooling system
  • High pressure boilers
  • Blast furnace water treatment plant
  • Large air conditioning units
  • Cleaning of plate heat exchangers
  • Water and micro biology laboratories


PROXA’s skills development programmes aim to continuously grow local skills and operator abilities in order to achieve the commitment to the improvement of the client’s operations.

Client: Arcelor Mittal, South Africa

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