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Winner of the Frost Sullivan Enabling Technology Leadership Award

Proxa received Best Practices Award 2016PROXA is proud to receive Frost & Sullivan’s 2016 Enabling Technology Leadership Award for water and wastewater treatment.

Elie Sakhat, CEO PROXA, says,” Being recognised by a global firm such as Frost & Sullivan is a great honour indeed. It has cemented our internally held view that by always asking how we can do things differently, we are delivering solutions and technologies that are not only better for our clients, but better for our planet and her people too.”

Frost & Sullivan is a global team of analysts and consultants who are continuously researching a wide range of markets across multiple sectors and geographies. As part of this ongoing research, the firm identifies companies that continually invest in new technologies to deliver a unique and superior customer experience, or invest in technologies that enhance a vast array of applications.

Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Precious Hlongwane continues the thread, “It really is a very thorough process and it involves extensive primary and secondary research across the entire value chain of specific products. Which is why against the backdrop of this research, Frost & Sullivan is pleased to recognise PROXA as the Enabling Technology Leader in the water and wastewater treatment technology market.” Hlongwane adds, “This is a particularly significant achievement given today’s competitive intensity, customer volatility, and economic uncertainty – not to mention the difficulty of innovating in an environment of escalating challenges to intellectual property.”

“PROXA’s has been recognized for its dynamic service offering combining state-of-the-art technologies, advanced computer modeling, management and maintenance strategies as well as on-going research & development which demonstrate PROXA’s commitment to providing solutions for the entire water cycle. Commercialization of game changing mine water treatment technologies utilising both non-thermal as well as low temperature freeze technologies confirms PROXA as a key participant in the water and wastewater treatment industry,” explained Hlongwane.
“We are honoured to have received this award,” says Elie Sakhat/PROXA. “What’s more, we believe that this accolade is the result of many individuals (employees, customers, and investors) making daily choices to believe in the organisation and contribute in a meaningful way to its future. In other words, by continually asking, “How can we do this better?” we have collectively made a meaningful difference.”
“Indeed PROXA’s dedicated team adds value in daily operations by going beyond the call of duty, thus making PROXAs technologies the preferred water and waste water treatment solutions both in terms of service offering and high quality. A strong focus on fulfilling customer needs through dedicated research development and innovation has enabled PROXA to build lasting relationships and to renovate clients’ plants to reflect best practices which have a positive impact on the environment” explained Hlongwane.

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