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GLACIER by PROXA: 30 000 tons of high grade salt recovered from mine water by freeze crystallisation

Salt recovered from mine water by freeze crystallisation by Proxa


Manage both the effluent mine water volumes and excess salt on a major coal mining site, by producing power station grade cooling water, whilst exporting detergent grade salt in a robust ZLD process.


PROXA’s commitment to extracting value from brines was put in place with the design, construction and commissioning of this first commercial scale freeze crystallisation plant. The process better known as Glacier recovers high purity by-product salts from complex brines, with the added benefit of a high grade product water for reuse. Our responsibility includes the financing, full operations, maintenance and technical support of the plant (BOOM).


PROXA’s extensive experience in mine water remediation and ZLD applications enabled us to deliver a highly effective solution. We were able to maximise the use of lower cost non thermal technologies, to maximise the recovery dry multivalent by-product salts, minimising the highly concentrated brine stream entering the Eutectic Freeze system. The eutectic Freeze plant was designed to optimise both capital and operating costs, whilst producing a detergent grade sodium sulphate and mixed salt for disposal. The combination of technologies used significantly reduced the energy consumption of the plant. What’s more, the modular nature of the plant meant rapid delivery, minimal interruption to site works, improved on-site safety and a smaller footprint.


Mine Water Brine


High Quality Product water for reuse 10 – 20 <μS/cm High Quality calcium and magnesium salts suitable for agricultural application Detergent grade sodium sulphate Mixed salt for disposal


2500 m3/day Product water 50 tons per day dry solid by-products


  • Clarification
  • Filtration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Eutectic Freeze Crystallisation
  • Thermal crystallisation
  • Centrifuge


The plant has been in continuous operation since 2014 meeting all client key performance objectives.

Client: Anglo American
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