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Rapid deployment and robust design makes PROXA’s AquaMobile® rental solution ideal for a remote mining site.

PROXA’s AquaMobile rental solution at Kalgoorlie


In order to manage the levels in their Tailings Storage Facility (TSF), our client needed to redirect this stored this stored effluent to an evaporation pond. However, this water was too high in solids and needed to be preconditioned first.


PROXA supplied a packaged lamella clarifier for chemical dosing and solids separation. The plant was also designed to manage a variable feed solids loading.


Given our knowledge and experience in dealing with mine effluent and TSFs, PROXA carried out on-site tests to evaluate different approaches to solids removal. The client also required treatment equipment that could be quickly deployed. They also preferred a financed solution that would enable them to retain capital for other operational needs. PROXA had immediate availability of a modular self-contained plant in our AquaMobile® rental fleet. This meant that we could deliver an efficient and effective solution with confidence, while simultaneously addressing the customer’s technical and financial requirements. Given the modular nature of the treatment plant, it required minimum site works (thereby reducing associated safety risks), was rapidly deployed, and required a small footprint and minimal operator intervention. The plant was commissioned on site by PROXA and has been running successfully since October 2015.


The effluent from a minerals processing plant, stored in a Tailings Storage Facility.


A conditioned effluent suitable for disposal in an evaporation pond.


  • Product flow rate 90 m3/hr


  • Chemical conditioning
  • Lamella Clarification


Lamella is a highly efficient way of clarifying in a small volume and the plant’s robust design made it the ideal choice for use in the site’s remote location. In addition, the equipment was delivered on a long-term rental agreement enabling off-balance sheet financing for the client.

Client: A member of the mining industry

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