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PROXA delivers bespoke solution for cyclone prone location

Custom designed water pumping system by Proxa


A client in the power industry has a site based in a coastal tropical location. This geographical location meant that the site needed a water plant that could withstand 1 in 1000-year cyclonic winds of up to 340 km/h and ensure that the site could deliver a continuous power supply. Over and above this environmental challenge, the plant needed to meet a highly detailed list of specifications, including heavy duty materials of construction, full nondestructive testing of the fabrication, and satisfy specific needs for the electrical and control system.


PROXA’s engineering team delivered a custom designed pumping system built to the client’s full specification and is currently in operation.


PROXA supported the client by designing a solution that fits around a pre-existing site. We understood the reasons for the customer’s engineering specifications and delivered bespoke equipment with full mechanical and electrical redundancy. The equipment is suitable for the extreme environmental conditions in which the power station will need to function, with a design life of 25 years.


PROXA’s solution supports the requirement for the power plant to provide a continuous power supply to industry – even in times of extreme weather conditions.

Client: A member of the power industry.

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