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Coca-Cola production is secured amidst drought

Proxa provides alternative high quality water supply at Coca-Cola


Four years into the drought that first gripped the Western Cape province in 2014, the City of Cape Town was at real risk of being the first city in the world to run dry. Described as a “once-in-400-year event” by hydrologists, the drought threatened individuals and industry alike. In response to this phenomenon, Peninsula Beverages contracted PROXA to investigate an alternative high quality water supply that would sustain their Coca-Cola production and reduce water intake from the City of Cape Town’s municipal grid.


PROXA designed and commissioned a borehole treatment facility to provide adequately treated feed water to Peninsula Beverage’s existing Reverse Osmosis system, which in turn produced high quality water for product make-up.


Given the impending Day Zero (the risk of no municipal feed water supply – predicted for early 2018), PROXA provided a temporary rental solution from an existing fleet (Phase 1) while the permanent plant was being constructed. This solution translated into a quick delivery and reduced risk of interruption at the production facility.

Phase 1 comprised of an iron oxidation and Aquamobile Ultra-Filtration system and it was delivered, installed and commissioned to produce in-specification product water within 7 weeks’ of the order being placed. The customised permanent plant (Phase 2) came online shortly thereafter. In both phases, in-specification product water was produced from the first day of startup and all product water was rigorously tested and approved by the Coca-Cola taste masters in terms of colour, smell and taste.


Ground water


  • Product flow rate of 2.4 MLD potable water


  • Iron Oxidation
  • Ultra Filtration (UF)
  • Ultra Violet Disinfection


PROXA built the permanent plant using state-of-the-art Ultra Filtration and Ultra Violet technologies and was constructed in stainless steel (including frames and pipework), as per Coca-Cola’s specifications.

Client: Coca –Cola Peninsula Beverages

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