Case studies:


Effluent Treatment Plant THE CHALLENGE Frito-lay required the operation, maintenance and optimisation of 2 effluent treatment plants located at Isando and Parow respectively. The primary purpose of these plants is to reduce the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and total suspended solids (TSS) levels in the factory wastewater before discharging it to sewer in order to …read more →

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THE CHALLENGE Alcohol beverage company, Diageo, faced an overloaded system that could no longer provide the necessary capacity of high quality product water for use in its processes.   OUR SOLUTION PROXA reviewed system bottlenecks and designed an upgrade that ensures pristine water quality into the production line.   Refer to this page to see …read more →

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Fairview Cheese & Wine

THE CHALLENGE Situated in the pristine Western Cape wine region, Fairview Cheese & Wine needed to expand their operations. However they were faced with the selection of optimum water sources, treatment systems and quality assurances to ensure that all production and systems performed at optimum levels of productivity and quality. OUR SOLUTION PROXA oversaw the …read more →

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