Case studies:

Kelvin Power Station, South Africa

THE CHALLENGE The existing ion exchange plant at Kelvin Power Station could no Ionger fulfill demand. OUR SOLUTION PROXA commissioned and delivered a reverse osmosis demineralisation unit to the power stations within 6 weeks of the order being placed. The advantage of the reverse osmosis system, among many others, is reduced chemical consumption, reduced chemical more →
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Kriel Power Station

THE CHALLENGE Kriel Power Station needed to quickly increase the cycles of concentration on 
their cooling towers to reduce excessive effluent generation. OUR SOLUTION Our innovative process design and rapid construction programme meant that we were able to install a desalination system on the cooling tower feed water relatively fast. The system reduced the intake …read more →

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Camden Power Station

THE CHALLENGE Eskom’s Camden Power Plant had to implement environmental protection measures. OUR SOLUTION PROXA’s innovative process design and rapid construction programme saw the plant upgrade ash water to cooling tower feed. This solution simultaneously prevented surface water pollution and reduced pressure on valuable raw water supplies. FEED WATER Ash water. PRODUCT WATER Feed to …read more →

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