Reducing reject water and avoiding environmental impact

Date: July 2021

PROXA is always keen to engage with clients very early on, so that the necessary steps can be taken to provide the most efficient, economical and sustainable water solution possible.

One such case in the UAE office occurred where PROXA, worked closely with the client at an early stage to develop an optimum solution in terms of space, cost and time.

The client, a leading producer of poultry products in the UAE, uses a large amount of HBRO water daily on the farm, with high reject volumes of water. To minimize the reject water discharge into the existing wells, PROXA were able to design and install a RO reject recycling plant on the existing RO skid to save space without the need of any additional power.

An environmentally friendly solution was a top priority, therefore, 45 to 50% of the RO reject water is recovered and reused in the farm. By reducing the reject water volumes, it could be safely disposed of, reducing the need to release any excess into the environment.

The plant has been operating for the last 3 years and the client is satisfied with how the plant is running.