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Case studies: power plant


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It’s an exciting time for black-owned power producers as two independent power producers (IPP) recently came online.

The two open cycle gas turbine plants, Avon Peaking Power and Dedisa Peaking Power are located in Shakaskraal, KwaZulu-Natal and Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape respectively. The plants are jointly owned by Engie, black-owned company Legend Power Solutions (LPS), Mitsui and the Peakers Trust, which represents the local community. FATA commissioned PROXA to take full responsibility for all the water solutions needed at both sites, namely two boiler feed water treatment plants, two oil/water separator plants and two sewage plants.

Elie Sakhat of PROXA explains more, “PROXA was responsible for the turnkey design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of the demineralised water plant and wastewater treatment plants for both sites.” He continues, “Most notable was the wastewater plant at the Avon site. We were mindful at all times that once the effluent was cleaned, it would be discharged into an eco-sensitive estuary. To further reduce our environmental footprint at both power plants, we installed pre-manufactured skids which also minimised the interference with the client’s civil, mechanical and electrical works.”

Sakhat continues, “Not only are we aware of the impact our solutions have on the planet, but we also promote local procurement where possible – such as the case with Dedisa and Avon. PROXA was able to support the plant owner in their local procurement capability by employing locals and maximising skills development in the area.”

Together with FATA, PROXA is proud to have been able to lend our expertise and support to our black-owned energy partners. We are also pleased that we could indirectly help alleviate the strain on the South African power grid by assisting the power utility in reducing load shedding.

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