Large quantities of water are used in the production of steel. It’s used in processes such as cooling, descaling, dust scrubbing and in the production of boiler feed water. The challenge for the steel industry is to reduce the amount of fresh water it consumes and to reduce effluent generation per ton of steel produced. The effectiveness of total water management on-site is crucial to the cost effectiveness of the operations. In areas where there are fresh water shortages the need for zero brine discharge from the manufacturing sites is crucial. PROXA is familiar with these challenges and has assisted both Columbus Stainless and Arcelor Mittal in meeting these objectives.

What’s more, opportunities exist to include the recovery of valuable materials from waste products, which is an area where we can offer particular expertise. Our clients in this sector include:

  • Heavy steel & coking applications
  • Stainless steel manufacturers
  • Large capacity smelters
  • Automotive & parts
  • Plating, galvanising & anodising industries.