Commercial & Municipal


PROXA has developed a range of standard and customised modular skid-mounted or containerised treatment plants to cater for residential, commercial, municipal and rural needs, including:

  • Potable/drinking water production from various raw water sources such as: sea water, brackish water, river water, aquifers, etc.
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Reuse (reclamation/recycling) treatment plants.


The range of applications is wide, especially for remote and water-scarce areas, including:

  • Decentralised municipal water treatment bulk supply (urban, peri-urban and rural).
  • Decentralised municipal sewage treatment (urban, peri-urban and rural).
  • Construction, mining, oil & gas camps drinking water and sewage treatment.
  • Drinking water and sewage/reuse treatment plants for hotels, hospitals and resorts.
  • Sewage treatment and reuse treatment plants for irrigation, washing and cooling of industrial effluents (food & beverage, low effluent feed industries).
  • Reuse treatment plants for industrial and hospitality (hotel, resorts, hospitals etc.) laundries.
  • Reuse treatment plants for car washes.
  • Reuse treatment plants for golf courses and irrigation.