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Water Treatment
Management Solutions

PROXA’s holistic view to total water management allows us to create value for our clients – in a sustainable way ­– by using the life cycle cost approach. This concept extends far beyond the traditional concept of design, construction and commissioning of water systems, but includes their subsequent management, operations, maintenance and the operating costs associated with electricity, chemicals and consumables.

These service include:


Desalination refers to the removal of salts and minerals from water.


Effluent treatment is the processes used to treat waste water for recycling, re-use or release into the environment.

Clean water

Clean water applications covers the production of potable water, process water, boiler feed water, ultra-pure water and others.


We offer a full range of chemical solutions to enable optimum performance of water treatment assets.

Emergency Portable Solutions

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Research & Develoment

PROXA’s team of skilled engineers harness the latest in technological advances to the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Health & Safety Training

Each and every project we undertake is done so with the highest priority towards excellence.

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