The mining and resources sector face unique challenges when it comes to minimising environmental impact, while ensuring access to valuable resources. PROXA – through close co-operation with our clients together with focussed research and development – have become leaders in the implementation of a range of innovative solutions to treat challenging effluents, recover water for reuse and drinking water supply, while minimising the long term legacy risks associated with salt management.

In the field of zero liquid brine discharge, PROXA is a market leader. Using both thermal and non-thermal processes, we have a proven track record in ultra-high water recovery and ZLD applications since 1999.

PROXA brings multiple benefits to the mining and resource sector, including:

  • Ultra-high water recovery (> 99%) on acid mine drainage using non-thermal processes.
  • The reduction of operating costs.
  • Remote operations, reducing operating costs.
  • The implementation of non-chemical treatment processes to reduce operating costs.
  • Implementation of the first full scale cooling crystalliser plant producing 40 tons per day of salt from mine water brine.
  • Thermal evaporation and crystallisation of mine water brines to selectively recovery by products.
  • Construction of robust, modular plants built with the flexibility to manage the inevitable changes in feed water composition and changes in throughputs over the life of the mine.
  • Regulatory interaction and assisting clients with environmental approval processes.
  • Pre-engineered modular units for rapid deployment, reduced footprint and optimal cost.
  • Focus on safety and adherence to the mine health and safety act.
  • The use of our Q-TRAK©remote monitoring system, enables PROXA to keep a finger on the pulse of all operations at all times – regardless of the remoteness of the location.

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PROXA is a leader in the development of new technologies for the recovery of potential products from mine water effluents using a range of technologies including eutectic freeze.

With over 16 years’ experience in mine wastewater treatment and mine water applications, ranging from design and build to operations and maintenance, PROXA is able to ensure that clients receive an optimal life cycle cost solution to meet both their current and future needs.