Oil & Gas


The treatment of water in the oil & gas sector can cover a variety of applications ranging from the treatment of raw water for process use, to the treatment of various types of produced water and effluents.

The treatment of raw water typically involves technologies such as clarification, possibly softening and filtration of surface water, potentially followed by secondary treatment in the form of demineralisation for the production of ultra-pure water required for boilers and thermal systems. The treatment of other water streams, e.g. blow-down from cooling systems is often required to make efficient use of available water.

Waste streams may constitute produced water from process operations, ash water and high salinity effluents. PROXA can treat these for safe environmental disposal, recovery water, and/or for valuable in-process use. In many instances, the complete elimination of liquid waste streams is desired, which calls for a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) treatment concept.

At PROXA, we have a range of treatment technologies at our disposal for this purpose, ranging from physical-chemical and biological treatment to membrane separation and thermal (evaporator/crystalliser) plants. To this end, each application is generally evaluated from a techno-economical perspective due to the variety and complexity of treatment requirements and suitable technology options.