Water is used in the production of nearly every manufactured product. For each product, effective water management is essential to minimising the discharge of waste water into municipal waste water systems and fresh water sources.

The challenge for industry is to reduce the amount of water consumed per unit of valuable product produced. PROXA helps clients achieve solutions for water treatment and reuse, minimising waste and target zero liquid effluent. We do this by interrogating the immediate and long-term challenges and then we create a tailored solution that may involve a fit-for-design-build, the optimisation of an existing process or a combination of the two. All of which is underpinned by high SHEQ awareness and the ability to move fast.

Clients served to date include, among others:

  • Refineries
  • Coal to hydrocarbon installations
  • Polymerisation plants
  • Fertilizer manufacturers
  • Paint manufacturers
  • Solvent producers.